What is a Passport?

Passport is a document which facilitates International travel. It is issued by the government of a country to the Citizens of that particular country, for certifying the Identity and Nationality of a person to travel overseas. Normally Passport contains the holder’s full name, date and place of birth, signature, photograph, Father Name, Mother Name and other information used for identification. Passport specifies the holders Nationality but not the Citizenship or residence.

In many countries Passports are being modernized. Most of the countries Passports are included with a micro Processor chip, which is a Machine readable and avoids Forgers. Micro chip contains the Bio-metric data of the Passport holder.

Bio-metric data contains the holders Digital Image, Finger Prints (Mostly 2 thumbs) & Signature. By incorporating the Bio-metric data to the passport authenticates the holder

Passport serves as an identity proof of the holder, which is reliable in the country of issue and also elsewhere. In some of the countries Passport serves as a proof for Citizenship.

Most of the countries Passports serve as Travel free documents; those countries Passport holders can visit other countries without any Visa

Different types of Passports:

  • Ordinary Passport
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Official Passport
  • Emergency Certificate
  • Certificate of Identity

Different Countries Passports Worldwide:

British Passport          US Passport               Italy Passport            Singapore Passport


Switzerland Passport      Ireland Passport   Canada Passport      Denmark Passport


Dutch Passport           Greek Passport        Malaysia Passport     New Zealand Passport


South Africa Passport    Zimbabwe Passport   Austria Passport   Belgium Passport


Bulgarian Passport       Croatia Passport    Cyprus Passport  Czech Republic Passport


Estonia Passport     Finland Passport         French Passport    German Passport


Hungarian Passport  Latvian Passport  Lithuanian Passport  Luxembourgish Passport


Maltese Passport    Polish Passport    Portuguese Passport   Romanian Passport


Slovakian Passport    Slovenian Passport     Spanish Passport  Swedish Passport


Icelandic Passport     Turkish Passport      Russian Passport  Ukrainian Passport


Serbian Passport    San Marino Passport   Norway’s Passport   Georgian Passport


Liechtenstein Passport    Macedonian Passport   Moldovan Passport


Monegasque Passport    Montenegrin Passport    Belarus Passport


Oman Passport              Bosnia & Herzegovina Passport          Mexican Passport


Argentine Passport          Venezuelan Passport            Colombian Passport


Brazilian Passport          Bolivian Passport        Chilean Passport


Ecuadorian Passport      Paraguayan Passport         Peruvian Passport


Uruguayan Passport        Cuban Passport                  Egyptian Passport


Emirati Passport      Saudi Arabian Passport              Kuwaiti Passport


Qatari Passport        Indonesian Passport               Philippine Passport


Nepalese Passport        Thai Passport